Qais (Kish) Abdur Rashid (Rasheed)

Note: References from books and texts are bulleted and italicized.

Qais Abdur Rashid (575 – 661) (قيس عبد الراشد’ ) also known as Kesh, Qesh and Imraul Qais is the legendary ancestor of the Afghan (Pashtun race), the first Ethnic Pashtun who travelled to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia during the early days of Islam.

  • [ Claims About Origin, by Syed Zubir Rehman]
  • [ Meaning and Practice], ”Afghanistan Country Study: Religion”, Illinois Institute of Technology]

Qais Abdur Rashid is thirty-seventh in descent from King Saul or Malik Talut (Hazrat Talut A.S.).

  • [Dawn, [ The cradle of Pathan culture], by Alauddin Masood, April 4, 2004.]
  • [Pakistan pictorial, Pakistan Publications, 2003.Niamatullah’s history of the Afghans , Volume 1, Niʻmat Allāh, Nirod Bhusan Roy, Santiniketan Press, 1958 – Page 5.]

Qais Abdur Rashid was born in Zhob region of modern day Baluchistan, Pakistan.

  • []
  • []

Upon hearing about the advent of the promised Last Messenger of God (YHWH or Allah) as promised in the Torah, he was sent by his tribe to Medina in Saudi Arabia. He met the Prophet of Islam Muhammad P.B.U.H. and embraced Islam there, and was given the name ‘Abdur Rashid’ by Muhammad P.B.U.H.

In introducing Qais Abdur Rashid, the Messenger of Allah P.B.U.H. mentioned to his companions, here is a prince of the line of the kings of Israel to witch both Qais and the companions attested.

The Prophet also gave him the ominous and truly prophetic title of Batan from which the word Pathan (modern day usage) has descended. It is also important to note here that Pathan is also the name of one of the progenitors of Qais (Kish) and a a grandson of Abraham (Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.) mentioned in the bible.

Qais returned to the region of Afghanistan (ghazni, Ghour and Zhob) and introduced Islam to his tribe.

  • []

Before they Became Muslims, It is also claimed that the famous warrior companion, Khalid ibn al-Walid, introduced Qais Abdur Rashid to the Prophet.

The Afghan historians proceed to relate that the Israelites (children of Israel), both in Ghore and in Saudi Arabia, preserved their knowledge of the unity (Monotheism) of Allah (God) and the purity of their religious belief, and that on the appearance of the last and greatest of the prophets Muhammad the Afghans of Ghore listened to the invitation of their brethren in Arabia, the chief of whom was Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khauled or Caled), son of Waleed, so famous for his conquest of Syria, and marched to the aid of the true faith, under the command of Kyse, afterwards surnamed Abdool Resheed.

  • [Life of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan; of Kabul, Volume 1. By Mohan Lal, 1846,  pg. 5, Mohan Lal, 1846]
  • [”History Of The Mohamedan Power In India” by Firishta (Muhammad Qāsim Hindū Šāh Astarābādī Firištah)]

Qais Abdur Rashid is buried on top of the ”Qais Mountain”, known locally as ‘Da Kase baba Ghar’,  (literally Mount of Qais the father) which is in the Sulaiman Mountains near Zhob.

Pashtuns (Afghans) from Pakistan and Afghanistan visit the place and offer sacrificial animals, charity and offerings at the tomb.

It is said that prayers are accepted and God’s mercy received at the shrine of this Patriarch.

Nearly all of the major Pashtun tribes are linked or associated with Qais Abdur Rashid and his descent from King Saul (Hazrat Talut) through Malik Afghan.

Though Qais Abdur Rashid is not the direct ancestor or progenitor of all Afghans Pashtun/Pukhtuns), he was the grand leader of the Afghans at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. and the first Muslim Afghan.

Afghans refer to him as Qais the father and all tribes associate themselves with him out of respect for he is recognized as the 1st Afghan who reverted to Islam. Therefore even though Afghans lived and existed long before him ever since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in ~ 587 BCE by Nebuchadnezzar II, in essence he is the 1st Afghan.


The common misconception about Qais Abdur Rashid (Kish) is that he is the blood father of all modern day Afghan (Pashtun) people and that all tribes are descended from him.

In fact, he was only a leader (Chieftain) of the group of seven Tribal elders (Tribal leaders) sent along with a group of 76 Afghans (Pashtuns) to meet the Prophet Muhammad in Medina.

  • The Lost Tribes in Assyria, by Rabbi Avihail A. and A. Brin, Translation: S. Matlofsky, Jerusalem: Amishav, 1985, pages 97–106

In the year 622, with the appearance of Islam, Muhammad sent Khalid ibn Waleed to the ‘sons of Ishrail’ to spread the word of Islam among the Afghanistan tribes. He succeeded in his mission, returned to Muhammad with seven representatives of the residents of Afghanistan and with 76 supporters. The leader of these people was ‘Kish’ (or Kesh or Qais). According to the tradition, the emissaries succeeded in their assignment and Muhammad praised them for this. He (the Prophet) gave the name Abdur Rashid to Kesh, announced that Kesh was from the Royal line of the House of Israel and that through his seed God will strengthen his religion. The Lost Tribes in Assyria

It is to be noted that Qais Abdur Rashid is not the direct blood father of all modern day Afghan Tribes. In truth he was only the head of the delegation the Afghans sent to meet the Prophet at Medinah and Makkah. This delegation comprised of 76 members and representatives from all the Afghan tribes which also represented all the Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel. However, Qais was selected because he was among them the direct descendant of King Saul (Hazrat Talut A.S.) and therefore represented the purest blood of the line of the Kings Of Israel.

When different Afghan tribes relate their ancestry from him, or call him the father, it is out of honor and respect. This in no way is to be taken literally.

36 Responses to Qais (Kish) Abdur Rashid (Rasheed)

  1. Mahvesh Jogezai says:

    hello, this blog is very interesting and the photos are wonderful.
    we would like to use these images for our book about balochistan.
    it would be apprreciated if u contact us regarding these photos and any other images of balochistan, its people, landscapes, lifestyle and any other historical images.
    thank you

  2. wajid ahmad says:

    zabardast jazak Ullah keep it up dated

  3. The point i would like to raise here is, this creepy story has not been wrote down by a muslim. if ever it was been done by a muslim, he or she must have wrote down (PBUH) after every name Muhammad {PBUH}…….. and what the author is trying to do and trying to say is that WE PASHTUNS belong to ISRAEL…. coz presently, most of the fckn JEWs are trying to associate US (PASHTUNS) with their self!!!! coz unfortunately they think that they are brave, strong, intelligent , fearless, bold and lion hearted LIKE US!!!!

    • the second point is…. that NOBODY actually knows about THE PASHTUNS history… who ever is whatever saying is not authentic source!!! some people associates us with TURKs, some with ARABS, some with IRANIANS and some with JEWS…. THEY ARE ASSOCIATING… but here U ASSOCIATED!!!!!!! u got my point right!!!!!!!

    • Let me reply to each one of your points:
      0/ Please note this: this site is a collection of references from books written by European, Christian, Jewish and some Muslim sources that are considered the most reliable & without bias by international historical & religious standards. There is no personal commentary or views. All references used are provided, some just after the quotes, others at the end collectively.
      1/ The references without PBUH are either direct quotes from a book or they are taken from other sources. When reproducing quotes or sources you dont add anything from yourself. Only the original words are reproduced.
      2/ I used only a few references from Muslim Historians because most of our historians are not considered accurate by Modern Historical standards. Bias is common among them. In writing this account mostly European and Christian sources were used. Why? read below.
      3/ For your information, it is the Muslim historians; Arab, Afghan, Persian and Indians who most strongly associate Afghans with the Bani Israelites whereas the European and other Christian sources almost always deny that. The point in writing this site was to prove from Western sources the connection between Afghans and Bani Israelis.
      4/ Afghans are descended from Bani Israelites not Jews. Read this whole blog for the difference between the two. In simple terms, Bani Israelites were the Muslims of their times whereas the word Jews represents a nation/ race of people most of whom follow Judaism but not all. Hazrat Isa (Jesus) PBUH is a Bani Israelite and of Jewish ancestry but he is not a Jew. Learn the difference.
      5/ There is no one author here. I dont think you understand the material here at all. This whole site is a collection of references from a multitude of different books mostly from Non Muslim authors. That is the whole point of this site. I dont represent my views at all. In places where you might feel like that, the reason is actually that some of the references are collectively given at the end. This is not a finished work but all of it is genuine. Find out for yourself by taking a reference book and reading it in a library. You will find all the book references to be genuine.
      6/ For your information, most of the Jews especially of European origin have always rejected the idea of the Afghans as being Jewish. It has to do with their religious reasons since the Jews are God’s chosen people. Not many people will want to share that with anyone especially if the supposedly chosen people are not Christians but rather Muslims. Mostly Arab Jews, most of the Rabbis and Jewish scholars however consider Afghans to be Jewish. They do so because their oldest books prove this. These books were written only a few decades after the Prophet Muhammad PBUH (& are included in the references) At that time the Afghans were neither as many as they are today nor had they accomplished any military or other gains.
      7/ The most genuine references of Afghans being Bani Israelites are from books written by the most trusted Jewish Rabbis like Saadia Gaon a century or two after the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. At that time the Afghans were only very few and they were refugees, they were not known for any military victories so your point about bravery is null and void. As for intelligence, the Jews rather than the Afghans are known for that.

      • P. Jogezai says:

        Muslim bin Israel,, you say that ‘Mostly Arab Jews, most of the Rabbi’s and Jewish scholars however consider Afghans to be JEWISH’
        I see conflict in your statements… do historians consider Pathans/Pakhtoons Jewish or Bani Israelis?
        And, no one needs to be offended, because these are just one of the theories… some theories even say that Pathans are from Greeks.

      • 1/ Sephardic Jewish scholars/Rabbis consider Pukhtoons/ Pathans/ Afghans to be descendants of the Ten lost Tribes that assimilated with the local tribes.
        2/ Muslim Historians Arab & non Arab consider Pukhtoons/ Pathans/ Afghans to Bani Israel.
        3/ Pukhtoons/ Pathans/ Afghans themselves are not a homogenous group. Basic Afghan tribes like Afridi, Yusufzai, Khattak etc. by many accounts and claims have their descent from the Jewish people/ Ten Lost Tribes. Other tribes have roots from other sources/ peoples as well e.g. Greeks, local Indian Sub continent indigenous, Arabs, Persians, various peoples of the Steppes.
        4/ What the Western/ Jewish sources call Jewish (not Jews) or The Ten Lost Tribes are referred to by Muslims & Arab Historians as Bani Israel.

      • ishmael6 says:

        Everything was right but Jesus was Jew because during the syrian invasion of israel the tribes were cast out and judah came back. Jesus was after the exile so he was a jew but the tribes that went into south asia did not call themselves Jews they were Israelites or Hebrews. Same people and religion but name changed,

      • Since its both world and religious history, it is therefore subject to religious interpretation which naturally differs between Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
        As Muslims, Islam teaches us and we believe that the Ten Lost Tribes exiled into Media, Arachosia and onwards i.e. present day Afghanistan and Pakistan were Muslims of their time following the Islam of their time. So was Jesus. Muslims believe that Islam of that time was none other than Mosaic Law of Torah until Jesus modified it to some extent as per God’s revelations. This modified Judaism which was the earliest Christianity is believed by Muslims to be Islam of Jesus’s revelation and times.
        Therefore the Ten Tribes that werent in contact with the Holy Land after their exodus were still following Mosaic Law of Torah and per Islamic teachings, the Islam of that time.

    • lobanman says:

      No you arrogant buffoon its because they found evidence of stone slabs in hebrew confirming the descent of the roasted quails and man(Man O Salwa)and entire cemeteries depicting “The Magen David” or the star of David on all the graves. There is more evidence if you can stuff it into your brave, strong, intelligent , fearless, bold and lion hearty thick skull. Face it, you(pashtuns) are from Israel. You are the people who once ridiculed and derided the Holy food and were cursed for it, Prophet SAW came to your rescue and still you follow the pashtunwali and old jewish backdoor policies in your religion.

      • It is a disgrace to your intellect and humanity using derogatory words like you did “lobanman”. You can say the same things without having to resort to menial ways.

        Get a few facts clear:
        1/ with the muslim and non muslim accounts, history, facts, places & even ahadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, there is a high probability that the Afghans (Pashtuns/Pakhtuns) are the descendants of the original hebrew semitic lost tribes called in Arabic the Bani Israel.
        2/ Pakhtuns are the only nation/group of people that are all Muslims. Christian or Hindu Afghans do not exist. (Non Muslim who speak Pushto do exit but their nations/group as a people is different.
        3/ Pakhtuns converted to Islam en mass i.e. as the whole nation & willingly because among them they had the old knowledge of the Torah which showed the coming of the last Prophet of the end times, one who was beloved by God/Allah greatly.
        4/ Before Islam, they followed the Islam that existed before Prophet Muhammad’s time which was the laws & ways of Torah/ Old Testament or the Shariat of Musa (Moses) PBUH. Following that law at that time was completely Islamic as it represented the Islam of its time.
        5/ Almost all the code of Pashtunwali is Islamic by its nature mostly because it came from God himself as it lineage is from the Old Testament/Torah.
        6/ For a Pakhtun/Pashtun/ Afghan, Islam is far more important than Pashtunwali which comes second. However, a Pakhtun will always prefer Pashtunwali to our country’s legal system/law (Anglo-Saxon/ British) & I think everyone has the right to follow their culture & tradtion.

        Lastly, if you are a Muslim, also read the ahadith about Khurasan (Afghanistan, Pakistan & a few surrounding areas), its people and their role in the end times. If you do read these ahadith you will learn to have respect for Afghans/Pakhtuns/ Pashtuns & not be so disrespectful about us.

    • gulroz says:

      Brother israel mean propet Yakoob (A.s) not a place or jews

  4. sarracen1 says:

    Salaam !!! I stumbled upon this website just by chance recently but it has completely blown the lid off my understanding of our past/history.To be honest i was absolutely not comfortable with the notion of being a descendant of bani israel and so my first response was denial of course followed by deep contemplation.slowly but surely the pieces started falling into place there are simply too many coincedences in connection to this being reality for majority of pathaans.the website is excellent but now i have soo many questions and i dont even know where to start.

    • Wassalam
      Thank you for reading. I hope you have gone through it all. This is only a minor fraction of the whole. The religious part of it including above all the multitude of ahadith about this very subject, I havent even touched. Thinking from a scientist’s point of view, one of these might be a coincidence, two might be as well but to put all of these together, there are so many facts that the chance of them all being random coincidences is impossible.
      At least from a non religious point of view it seems like that. If you are a Muslim as well and put in the Ahadith (called mutawatir; considered the next best thing to authentic), well then, you have the answer.

      If you have any further material or suggestions, please let me know, I am a collector of facts from history. I have put it here for all of our people.


    this material is good as far i know we are the descendants of third son o kesh or qais abd.ur .rasheed named bhitan and i have heard alot about qais abdur rasheed from my elders but 1 thing is cnfrm from my side that all pushtuns are basically bani isralie,s but some were converted to islam ASSALAM>ALAIKUM TO U ALL

  6. Imran says:

    This is very interesting for me. I am very thankful to the writer who did a great job. My tribe name is Ghorgost, which is the name of second son of Qais. I think I am his descendant. I always asked my father where we came from?, but he knows only about his own grand father. I think I got what I needed. Is there any information about Ghorgost descendants? If yes, then Plz share with me

    • sarracen1 says:

      ghourghusht was the 3rd & youngest son of kais baba abdur rasheed.I am from a village in attock/pakistan which is named after him.his descendants are the kakar tribe which also has other sub tribes which branch off into smaller sub-tribes.these are numerous so you maybe a descendant if his name is so prevalant in your lineage.

  7. Faruq says:

    We got nothing to do with Judaism, do us a fav shout your ****** mouth before we make you swallow your teeth!!!! OUR Way is ISLAM and ISLAM only!!
    And we will come for Palestine!!

    • I dont know what has made you resort to such hatred.
      I am a Muslim and a Pakhtun.
      I think you havent troubled yourself to read what has been presented here.
      Do us a favor and read it.
      If you can be bothered, take your hate elsewhere.

  8. Faruq says:

    Guys this guy is twisting everything, yes have got no other explanation Either, But even if from bani Israil so what?!
    We thank allah that has guided us to right path(Islam). let’s don’t forget about Palestine and what evil the Zionist doing to our brother and sister!

    To me this is some sort of psychological war against us, because they can’t win the war! Khob na ra pasay Zama pakhtano Orono. Pakhton tanhan qoam day Che donya tamam donyaye qatele da!!

    • Afsos di pa ta chi ilam di baday shee.

      The path to enlightenment begins with blindness and ends with light.
      I am a Pakhtun Muslim. I am an Afghan. Not all Pakhtuns are Afghan. Not all Afghans are good Muslims.
      This site however does not contain any twisting or fabrication.
      It contains only knowledge and our own tradition and stories all of which are present in the books of Afghan and Muslim historians.
      It also contains references from Western sources.
      Have the courage to read it, have the courage to listen to all opinions. If not, no one is forcing you.
      It might very well be that you are not among the portion of the Afghans that are descendants of the Bani Israel.
      It might very well be that you are from the multitude of other Turkic, Mongolian, Indian, Persian nations that make up the Afghan collective.
      No knows for sure. Part of learning is to find out, to research. That is what this site is about.

      • Imran says:

        This guy is doing a wonderful job, he should be appreciated, all the members here are pashtoons. Every body want to know their ancestors, this is nothing with Judaism.
        PS: Muslim never use abusing word and that is against palhtoonwali as well.

  9. Sahlah says:

    Whatever is written is very interesting but there many historical discrepancies, i will not go into details but one thing only, Khalid bin Walid embraced Islam 8 years A.H after the Hijrah, so how he was sent to the Afghans…. Historical records clearly mention the foreign people to whom Islam was introduced, but in none i have found abut this story. For this story to be credible, kindly mention the authenticity of the hadith of the Prophet where he directly or indirectly praised them and the sources of your story

    • Wassalam dear brother,
      I plan to soon write a section about ahadith on this subject in which I will also mention your query.

      • Tariq says:

        I stumbled upon this site searching for Qais Abdul Rashid – what a brilliant site with proper references unlike other stuff I have found on the web (which can be biased). Some of the comments here though, are appalling, from people who are in denial, can not offer any referenced alternatives, but are quick to resort to the lowest form of insults – shame on those people.

        Brother MuslimBaniIsrael, I have many questions that I am hopeful you can address or point me in the right direction. I have many ‘pieces’ of information that I simply cannot fit together to form a fuller picture. I couldn’t see a way of contacting you directly, but if this site has an email address, please let me know so that I can direct my questions to you.

        Thank you

  10. Shahana says:

    What an interesting article!!! JazakALLAH for this thorough research and I will check for Ahadiths as well. Alhamdulillah, it kind of makes me proud to be born as a muslim to a Pashtun family. I also feel proud to be linked to bani israel and i simply dont get why someone should be so upset about this after doing their research on bani isreal. Bani Israel stems from Yaqub (a.s) and I think the writer of this article did an excellent job explaining in the comment section why we should not be offended about this. ” Israel is Hebrew for Abdullah, meaning the servant of God Almighty, this was then name of Hazrat Yaqoob AH. A great prophet of Allah SWT.” For those who are using foul language to abuse the author, please read through this article and the comment section more carefully before commenting. What a beautiful history we have = ) Thanks for introducing us to our won history!! May ALLAH guide us and help us stand firm on Islam. May HE expand our knowledge and help us overcome our weaknesses.

  11. wajid ahmad says:

    realy amazing we need our identy as pukhtoon

  12. Waqas Khan Yousafzai says:

    ما پہ اول زل خپل قوم بارہ کی دہ خبرے وکاتے دی نہ محکی ما داسی معلوماتی سائٹ دا پختنو بارہ کی نہ وہ کتلی دہ خبرہ ھو دہ خفہ کیدو نہ چی زمونگ تعلق دہ حضرت یققوب علیہ السلام دہ نسل سرہ دی پہ دی ھو مونگ لہ فخر پکار دی اللہ دی زمونگ ہدایت نصیب کی۔

  13. Tariq says:

    I stumbled upon this site searching for Qais Abdul Rashid – what a brilliant site with proper references unlike other stuff I have found on the web (which can be biased). Some of the comments here though, are appalling, from people who are in denial, can not offer any referenced alternatives, but are quick to resort to the lowest form of insults – shame on those people.

    Brother MuslimBaniIsrael, I have many questions that I am hopeful you can address or point me in the right direction. I have many ‘pieces’ of information that I simply cannot fit together to form a fuller picture. I couldn’t see a way of contacting you directly, but if this site has an email address, please let me know so that I can direct my questions to you.

    Thank you

    • Wassalam. Thank you for your visit and appreciation. This is a site created by and for Pakhtuns both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. If there are any queries that I might be able to help you with, please post them here for the benefit of everyone who visits this site. If they are such that you cant post them here, please let me know here so I can direct you elsewhere. The benefit of posting them here is that everyone can see and contribute. Thanks.

  14. usman says:

    Asalaam o Alaikum!
    Very informative article you have posted about kpk history. I would like to know life events of Qais Abdur rasheed(rz) if you have plz mail

    • Wassalam and thank you. Unfortunately very little is known in that regard and for good reason, why? he represented the head/ prince of a people who were taken as captives with the status of little more than slaves under the Persian Majoos/ pagan dynasties. From the various books we only get to know that he migrated to present day Eastern Afghanistan/ Western Pakistan when he was still a young man and lived in the mountains of this region most probably present day FATA near Speen ghar although his grave is situated in Zhob Pakistan. In addition he and his people werent pagans/ hindu/ budhmat but followed the monotheistic religion of Hazrat Musa AS until the advent of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He and his people did remain in contact with Arz e Muqaddis (Palestine) and even sent delegations, trade and tithes (wazeefa for the upkeep and maintenance of Beyt ul muqaddis) and this is genuinely documented in old Hebrew Rabbinic (scholarly) literature. Unfortunately this is the only instance about his life that we can find in referenced books other than accounts of his beyat to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Because of this beyat and the Prophet PBUH’s war with Jews of Medina and Kheybar we lose further accounts kept by the Jews because Qais and his people converted to Islam. Lastly, he is not the progenitor/ direct blood father of current day Afghans/ Pakhtuns/ Pashtuns but was the leader/ Malak/ Sardar of all Afghan tribes in the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his title of father of Afghans is like the title of father of Afghans given to Ahmad Shah baba. Hebrew accounts state that he also wore clothes of ancient Israelites which are very much similar to current day Pukhtun/ Pashtun dress of Qandahar/ Pashtun Balochistan i.e. dress like shirt, open shalwar, large metallic taweez as an amulet, and a head dress like patkay. Infact, a recent documentary of Israel TV about the last Hebrew settlements in ancient Israel before they were outcast and destroyed by Romans showed a dress of these ancient Isarelites which is almost identical to modern day Qandahari/ Pashtun Balochistan Pukhtun dress.

      If anyone reading this knows additional information in this regard please let me know so we can put it here. Thank you.

  15. Kamran Baitani says:

    good information,

  16. fawad says:

    Nice explanation and surprised to find out that pashtoon are the decendent of Israeel. But one thing is sure that they always remained righteous and always believed in oneness of God.

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