Afghan is the name of an ethnic group of people living in the country most appropriately represented by the word Khurasan.

Authors desscribe their origins as shrouded in mystery, however this mystery is only the result of confusion that has arisen as result of the continuous wars in this region and what these wars have brought to Khurasan, i.e. ravage, ruin, destruction. Almost all major powers of the word at one time or another have passed through this region. Each in their attempt to subjugate the Afghans imposed their culture, none succeeded. What did succeed was the enduring Afghan spirit that never accepts surrender. Their eternal motto; give us freedom or give us death.

As a result, fragments, symbols, even genes of these different would be invaders are spread in Khurasan and its people.

It is this complex set of different variables, none related and some related that have molded the modern Afghan. It creates confusion, conflict and yet also some semblance of symmetry. This is the unique nature that defines Afghans.

Undoubtedly, Afghans began as one select and few tribes, descended probably from the Ten Lost Tribes, The Assyrian Exile that never repatriated. An event that happened almost 2,700 years ago. Over the long ages, they integrated from their surrounding cultures, languages, traditions even religions. However, even now, after more than 2,700 years, if one looks closely enough, it is evident they have not lost their soul.

This soul, which is unique, noble, outstanding, standing apart from all the rest. I believe from what I see and have researched, that, without any doubt, this nobility comes from their Bani Israel Heritage. Over the course of more than a decade, what I have collected, researched, sorted and sifted, I want to share with my fellow Afghans and every one else.

Ever since I was a child, my grand parents would tell me about the Bani Israel Heritage of the Afghans. For a great part of that time, I didnt understand what this meant. Even when I could understand, I never paid it much credence. It seemed to me like an elusive fairy tale, a folklore of old, from the hearts of our fathers, one generation to the next, in the bed time stories of our grand mothers.

Even when I was in school, my friends, unique in that, they in themselves represented more or less all the different Afghan Tribes, had also told me of the same traditions. That of Afghans from the Ten Lost Tribes. All this only re enforced by strange customs, names, places, and the familiar faces that seemed to be from same Holy Land that many Sephardic and Ashkenazis are.

It was also very intriguing and strange to the point of bewilderment as when an Afghan faced with this proposition, of being called Jewish would be perturbed but who a moment later would himself concede to his Bani Israel heritage. I have always find this very interesting. Afghans, do not like to be called Jews, but the consider it as an honor to be Bani Israel. For those not familiar with Afghan history and traditions, I must say that, this seemingly hateful act is not so hateful in actuality. One has to look at Muslim Jewish History to come to terms with it. The Jews did resist the Holy Prophet in their own right, even though many of them respected and considered him to be far more affirming to the Laws of the Torah than the Christians, who would eat pork and deny in their assertion many other commandments. Additionally, the last 60 years of our relationship vis a vis Palestine have also not been very pleasant.

I have firm belief, that had these two very minor difference not been as they are, Afghans would have undoubtedly felt very close to Spehardics and Ashkenazis. A line that only leads to love and better under standing. For after all, if what the research has revealed, they are indeed cousins.

One of the recent clues, and one undoubtedly my favorite is Genetics and DNA, which confirms in many ways, though a more wider statistical base for the samples would be appreciated, is that, Afghan DNA, is indeed second closest to modern Spehardic and Ashkenazi DNA. Second only after Iranian and Iraqi Jews.

However, like Ghani Khan, I am a skeptic, I am a scientist and a researcher first. Irrespective of the truth, I have always wanted to reach and discover the underlying facts. Whichever way they lead us is irrelevant. In this regard, we must be careful of their interpretations. Different researchers have different biases, or opinions, and if fact are to be know, these pre determined ends have to be sifted carefully and removed.

My blog is only an endeavor, to know the truth. One among many, that Afghans and others have sought. What conclusions you draw from the vast banks of data is your own right of choice. My only request, not to initiate this journey with pre dispositions or biases, but with an open rational calculating and logical mind.




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  1. ismailswati says:

    Very good information, which need to be aware every pashtoon pakhtoon, pattan. In Pakistan and Afghanistan pashtoon have been taught that their history begans only 100 years before. But thanks to you for providing such meaninful information.

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